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A profound silence is felt throughout the city in an intense moment of devotion and respect. This is the traditional Religious Procession, the most sacred event in the Romaria d’Agonia programme since the early beginnings.

It is tradition for residents to cover balconies with bedspreads and throw flowers from the windows as the procession advances, as a sign of respect.

The figures of Nossa Senhora dos Mares (Our Lady of the Seas), Nossa Senhora de Assunção (Our Lady of Assumption), Nossa Senhora de Monserrate (Our Lady of Monserrate), and Senhor dos Aflitos (Lord, comfort of the afflicted) from the São Domingos church are carried in the parade to meet with the float carrying Nossa Senhora de Agonia, awaiting in the sanctuary.

It is with the great effort and faith of the men who carry the floats that these travel along the streets of the city flanked by hundreds of participants dressed in costumes to depict various biblical scenes.

A display of faith felt and shared by thousands of people who watch in complete silence.

The emotion of thousands of people who gather around the sanctuary, applauding and throwing flowers to the figure of Nossa Senhora d’Agonia who, before retiring into this church, looks out towards the Ribeira, invariably makes this procession stand out among others.