Poster 2021

Nossa Senhora d’Agonia Festival 2021

2020 brought about many changes to our lives. Even today we are still unsure as to what extent the changes brought on by the covid-19 pandemic will have on our society. We do know, however, that our Romaria did not physically survive the pandemic, but it has lived on, in our hearts, felt by all of us from a distance.

Unfortunately, this global fight against the pandemic is not yet over, and despite the gradual and cautious return to normality in recent months, the dimension of the Romaria da Nossa Senhora d’Agonia requires some precautions.

For this reason, the 2021 celebrations will be subject to a restrictive programme with primarily online contents about our Romaria as well as some live performances, all of which promise to reinforce the feeling that, even at a distance, we can all be united.

Now, we would like everyone to feel united in the feeling that WE ALL ARE ROMARIA in a programme which will be mainly online, starting on the 7th of August. The high point of the celebrations will be from August 19th to 22nd through our website, social networks, radio and television, with contents that will transport us to the Festas d'Agonia, to live, feel and remember.

Between devotion and celebration, faith and tradition, our festivities are also celebrated with the memories of a proud people.

The programme will include exclusive productions to be launched on the usual days and time of the festivities. This will include films about the authenticity of the people who make the festivities a reality, their faith and their feelings as well as those who attend or simply enjoy the Romaria, its fun and festive side, in its most spontaneous form.

After all, everyone in Viana do Castelo always enjoys the Romaria in their own way even though in 2021 this will mainly be through our feelings.

Physically we won't have the Romaria of old, but we are all part of the Romaria, simply because it lives within us.



Poster for Romaria 2021

The poster for the 2021 Romaria of Nossa Senhora d'Agonia presents a Vianesa costume from the Ribeira Lima, commonly called "à moda de Santa Marta de Portuzelo” (costume commonly used in Santa Marta de Portuzelo). As such, in a year when we affirm our sense of belonging - "We are all Romaria", the young mordoma, Renata de Castro Guisante, wears this red festive costume, from the village of Perre. Similar to the costumes made between the end of the 1930s and beginning of the 40s in last century, this Vianesa costume presents several characteristics common to this period: an apron with floral motifs, striped skirt with a border embroidered in white cotton thread, as well as a linen shirt embroidered with azure floral motifs. On the costume, the mordoma also flaunts several pieces of traditional Portuguese jewellery.


The poster for this year's romaria, designed by Ricardo Ferreira and according to the description aims to represent "The poster of Hope" symbolizing the "return of the Romaria", after a year in which the world came to a stop. The author wishes to highlight that the white background on the poster represents the light that "we all lacked in 2020 and our memories, frozen in time, where we can find several moments of our festivities". This year's poster "embodies hope, serenity, but also confidence in the future".