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Days of preparations are needed to finally be ready to take to the streets. More than half a thousand women meticulously dressed to depict the history of the Vianense women, proudly parade along the streets of the city to showcase the beautiful traditional costumes during the Mordomia Parade.

Wearing the beautiful folklore costumes from the various villages that are part of Viana do Castelo area, with great quantities of gold around their necks, many items actually heirlooms dating back centuries, these mordomas represent the largest outdoor showcase of gold in the world.

Painstakingly dressed, not only is great detail paid to the art of dressing well but also to arranging jewellery to show their craft in showcasing it, observing the rituals passed down from past generations and preserving a tradition, to parade with pride.

The Mordomia Parade is a living history of folklore costumes, from the lavradeiras and the varinas costumes to the more exquisite mordoma costume, used by the young women and “ladies” of Viana do Castelo.

Many of the gold pieces are unique and are only shown in public on this day, increasing the pride of all the women who wear them.

A tradition that has grown stronger and is deeply enrooted in the women of Viana do Castelo, as several generations of women from the same family get together for the occasion to show off the splendour and intricate beauty of these costumes and the gold of Viana do Castelo.